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Wilson Creek Records offers multiple recording services.  Whether you need to record a demo, an instrumental or vocal track, or an entire album project, we’d be happy to give you a quote on the many services we offer.



Darrell Toney has produced many album projects over his 30+ years in the music business. Contact us to discuss the production options available to artists and let us produce your next recording. Darrell will help you find the right songs; handle all coordination of the sessions (including studio and musicians) right through to the final mix and mastering.


We only work with the top session players in Nashville, which is why we track there. Most of the overdubs, mixing, and mastering takes place at Wilson Creek Recording Studio in Atlanta.


Online Overdubs

Darrell also provides online overdubs done via email. With today’s digital recording platforms, you can email a track to us and Darrell can provide vocal harmonies, guitar tracks (both acoustic and electric), and electric bass, then email them back to you.


If you're interested in having The Imperials sing on one of your projects, let us know. We can arrange overdubs and email the tracks back to you.


Other Services

  • Demos

  • Pro Tools Mixing & Mastering Services

  • ADAT Transfers to Wave Files


Just use the form on the contact page and we’ll get back to you.

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Here are a few of the recent CDs Darrell has had the pleasure to produce:

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Darrell Toney (Jerry Reed...Revisited) c
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