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New Release


"This is some of the best music I've heard in a long time! My friend Darrell Toney is a terrific singer, songwriter, producer, and picks a mighty hot guitar!  I'm proud to be part of this project. You're gonna love it!

-- James Burton


Heroes, Mentors, and Friends

Nashville, Tennesse is a true melting pot of popular music. I began recording there in 1977 and would eventually move to Music City. I was blessed to meet great musicians, songwriters, producers, arrangers, and engineers. They were not just making country records - their work was heard on Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Folk, and Gospel radio stations as well. The songs I selected for this project reflect that same diversity. 

All musicians are influenced to some degree by others who have come before them; I'm no different. So many of these great artists have had a big impact on my musical development; and along the way I've had the good fortune to know many of them. So I dedicate this project to my heroes, mentors, and friends.


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